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Catastrophe Candles was started to fill a glowing need for a durable emergency candle that would survive the worst emergencies, so you can survive too.

My idea was conceived in the winter of 2012-2013.  During this time, the northeast portion of the United States kept getting inundated with major blizzards.  The news reports kept telling of how so many people (approx. 700,000 from a Dec. 2013 blizzard alone) were without power in their homes, and couldn’t keep warm.  This happened time after time in the region.  So I started thinking, what would I do if we experienced severe weather and lost our power for a long period of time? 


My first idea was a generator.  But they are expensive, and it takes a lot of forethought to keep clean fuel in it to ensure it will actually run when you need it.  Plus it’s not practical for most people to have enough fuel set aside in case the emergency lasts for an extended time (one tank of fuel will usually last 4-6 hours, depending on how hard the generator is run).  It isn’t convenient, and it isn’t the correct answer. 

So I checked into emergency candles.  After looking for some time, all I found were small candles that were made in glass jars.  I realized the glass jars could easily be broken (even in shipping before you received them), and then not only do you have a mess of broken glass to clean up, your emergency candle is useless as well!

I decided to make my own candles using a more durable container.  After much researching, I settled on using paint cans for my smaller emergency candles.  How hard can it be to make a candle, I thought!  Well, it ends up being more involved than I ever knew.  But after a year and half of research and development, I finally settled on an emergency candle product that I am happy with-and extremely confident in!  I am convinced that once you see how tough these candles are, and how well they perform, you will also be convinced that these candles are the best emergency candle available anywhere!


All the small emergency candles (1/2 pint through 1 gallon) are made in metal paint cans.  All the large candles (2 gallons through 6 ½ gallons) are made in larger metal cans with convenient carrying handles.  All the cans are powder-coated, which makes the outside of the can extremely resistant to any type of wear or damage.

Every candle has a sealed mini-Bic lighter inside it (except the ½ pint cans, which come with a sealed book of matches inside).  This ensures you will NEVER have to worry about finding a way to light your candle when you need it.  Also, I use a zinc core wick (no lead), which is secured to the bottom of the candle.  If you happen to have your candle stored in a hot environment and the wax melts inside the container, place the candle in the upright position in a cool area so it can re-harden back into its solid form.  Having the zinc core wick means the candle wick will not fall over. Instead, it will remain standing upright.



  1. It’s a 100% all natural product, made right here in the USA!

  2. Soy wax is not made with any crude oil products (like regular paraffin wax), so therefore it burns cleaner and longer-up to 50% longer than paraffin wax.

  3. Soy wax is 100% biodegradable.

  4. Soy wax easily cleans up with soap and warm water (if you spill any melted soy wax on your clothing, just wash it in warm water!)

  5. Soy wax has a lower melting point than paraffin wax (it is safer if you spill any melted wax on your skin, it won’t burn like paraffin wax).

  6. Soy wax burns so clean it won’t bother people who are sensitive to pollutants in the air (my mother-in-law has emphysema and can’t have any paraffin wax candles burning near her.  She used one of my soy wax candles in the same room she was in, and it didn’t bother her one bit!).



  1. They won’t break in shipping or with rough handling.

  2. The container can be re-used.

  3. The container can be sealed tight, allowing the soy candle to be kept indefinitely without being polluted by outside elements.

  4. When the container is full of wax, it is nearly indestructible and will survive almost anything!