Our Story


Catastrophe Candles was conceived in the winter of 2012-2013.  During this time, the north-east portion of the United States kept getting inundated with major blizzards.  The news reports kept telling of how so many people (approx. 700,000 from Dec. 2013 blizzard alone) were without power in their homes, and couldn’t keep warm.  This happened time after time in the region.  So I started thinking, what would I do if we experienced severe weather and lost our power for a long period of time? 


My first idea was a generator.  But they are expensive, and it takes a lot of forethought to keep clean fuel in it to ensure it will actually run when you need it.  Plus it’s not practical for most people to have enough fuel set aside in case the emergency lasts for an extended time (one tank of fuel will usually last 4-6 hours, depending on how hard the generator is run).  It isn’t convenient, and it isn’t the correct answer. 

So I checked into emergency candles.  After looking for some time, all I found were small candles that were made in glass jars.  I realized the glass jars could easily be broken (even in shipping before you received them), and then not only do you have a mess of broken glass to clean up, your emergency candle is useless as well!

I decided to make my own candles using a more durable container.  After much researching, I settled on using paint cans for my smaller emergency candles.  How hard can it be to make a candle, I thought!  Well, it ends up being more involved than I ever knew.  But after a year and half of research and development, I finally settled on an emergency candle product that I am happy with-and extremely confident in!



Catastrophe Candles was started to fill a glowing need for a durable emergency candle that would survive the worst emergencies, so you can survive too.  I have a background in law enforcement and spent four years in Afghanistan.  I have a lot of experience backwoods camping in the mountains where I love 4-wheeling in my Jeep, fishing, hiking, and hunting.

I am convinced that once you see how tough these candles are, and how well they perform, you will also be convinced that these candles are the best emergency candle available anywhere!